The basic aim of Qüern is to provide an ordered and homogenous list of all bibliographical information produced since 1993 on the aforementioned subject areas and disseminate it among the scientific community of scholars of Catalan language and literature prior to contemporary times.

This means that any researcher producing a text fruit of their research will find here a reference for said work which – most importantly – is disseminated throughout the community studying the same subject in order to raise awareness of it and for its use by other scholars.

Qüern was created in order to disseminate – on a regular, exhaustive and updated basis – all scientific texts produced anywhere in the world on the history of the Catalan language and literature prior to Romanticism.

It constitutes a basic instrument for the evolution and further development of research in these areas, as any scholar intending to embark upon research into any aspect of the aforementioned subject areas, from the most prestigious professor to the PhD student preparing a doctoral thesis, or even a student carrying out academic coursework, can directly access the most recently updated published bibliography in these fields. Finding the most recent bibliography on a given area, author or work is as simple as consulting the Qüern descriptors or indices.

In short, a tool such as Qüern is absolutely essential to the advancement of research into medieval and modern Catalan cultural studies: any researcher in these areas will need to consult this index before commencing their activity, it being the only place they will find an exhaustive list of works published since 1993 with the guarantee of scientific quality. The use and benefit it provides Catalan, Valencian, Majorcan and other scholars of the Catalan language and literary works produced by intellectuals in the above regions (in any language, including Catalan, Spanish, Latin, French, Italian, etc.), and of the cultural context that interacts with historical literary and sociolinguistic production (education, books, reading and printing, science and technology, etc.), are evident.